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California is already feeling the impacts of climate change.  Coastal communities across the state are experiencing the effects of sea-level rise, including high tides, strong storm surges, coastal flooding, sand erosion, and bluff collapses.  California's coastline could experience as much as 7 feet of sea-level rise by 2100, which will have extensive and expensive impacts on the state's residents, economy, and natural resources.  Most responsibility for preparing for and responding to these threats lies with local coastal communities.  Yet despite the significant threats and compelling reasons to take action now, many coastal communities still are only in the early stages of preparing for sea-level rise. 

As Chair of the Assembly Select Committee on Sea Level Rise and the California Economy, I am working with my fellow committee members to address these issues.  On this page, you will find information about recent hearings on sea-level rise and recommendations from local governments, researchers, and scientists for making coastal communities more resilient to the rising seas.

Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath

Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath
Chair of the Select Committee on Sea Level Rise and the California Economy


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